Healthy Dog Food & Cat Food from Kettle Falls, Washington

Dog, Healthy Dog Food in Kettle Falls, WA


Raw Advantage is:

~ Organic and Minimally Processed

~ Made with Whole Ingredients, All Natural - No Synthetics!

~ Made in 100lb batches by Hand - Real People Making Real Food for Your Companions!


When you want the best and most healthy dog and cat food available, Raw Advantage, Inc. in Kettle Falls, Washington, is exactly what you need. We offer a variety of flavors and sizes, to accommodate even the pickiest pet.

All Raw Advantage products are made with certified organic ingredients, never the "culls" or a rendered product. They are human grade when they arrive to our facility, but only because we grind our meat with the bone deems this product unfit for human consumption. The ingredients are processed in a way that keeps them as close to whole as possible, yielding the most nutritional value and getting the best results.


Dog Food

Cat Food

Raw Advantage provides all of the nutrients that a dog truly needs to be healthy, and to be able to fend off common ailments. Dogs on our diets have been known to get over hot spots, gum diseases, and other ailments.

You'll find full dinners, treats, and items to accommodate special diets.

As strict carnivores, whether domesticated or not, cats require a specifically designed diet to maintain optimal ph balance and to keep their digestive systems working properly, resulting in a silkier coat, stronger muscles, and a healthier pet.

From turkey to duck and chicken, each meal is prepared specifically for the digestive system of our furry friends and provides all the nutrition that they would find in the wild, in addition to promoting healthy bacteria levels.












Dominion's Creekside Newfoundlands


Partnership with Dominion's Creekside Newfoundlands!

Raw Advantage is partnering with Dominion's Creekside Newfoundlands to provide a raw food puppy pack for their latest litter of Newfoundland puppies! Puppy packs will include a 15 day supply of Perfect Blend, and excellent vitamin packed recipe that can be added to thier diet daily to help boost immune health and easily transition the pups from kennel to home feeding. One month refills can be ordered for $75 plus s&h and safely shipped to any doorstep in the US. See our Chunk A Day Puppy Pack flyer for more information or give us a call at 509.738.3344





Contact us if only the best organic pet food will do for your cat or dog.