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Organic Pet Food from Kettle Falls, Washington


Raw Advantage regularly ships every Tuesday.  Your order must be received the Friday before to guarantee your ship date, otherwise we may not have enough ice to send out your order until the following Tuesday.  Questions or concerns?  You can always reach out to us at 509.738.3344 and we will be happy to help.  

Please note:  Our office will be closed and will not be shipping the week of September 5th, and of November 20th and 2 weeks in December 25th and the 31st..

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Healthy Pet Food

Those who only want the very best for their pets, choose quality foods for optimal health. Learn more about our healthy dog food and why it is better than all the rest.

Our Mission

We are truly committed to the health of all pets. Learn more about our mission and how each member of our team is dedicated to quality.


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About Us

Raw Advantage, Inc. in Kettle Falls, Washington, offers certified organic pet food for dogs and cats that is as close to whole as it gets. For more than 12 years, we have been dedicated to offering a raw diet alternative for preventative care and nutritional health for pets.

Processor Certified Organic


While processed foods are easy to feed, more and more pets are experiencing health problems including obesity, diabetes and many kinds of cancers. By simply adding a chunk a day to your dog's diet, you will notice immediate benefits, such as fresher breath, whiter teeth, a shinier coat, and smaller stool, as well as the long-term benefits.



Food Manufacturing

We are our own manufacturing company where everything is hand processed. The bone in our product is ground-in and we use a water pressure stuffer to preserve the integrity of the protein and nutrients as close to natures natural recipe as possible. The combination of our ingredients and this hand processing method truly creates "Prey in a Bag" for your companions.





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